Randori at Checkmate Self Defense

Here’s a gallery of Checkmate Judoka doing “Free Practice” (Japanese word “Randori”). Randori, which Judo founder Jigoro Kano considered one of the most important parts of Judo, is dynamic practice where partners learn to apply technique in a unpredictable environment, against an unscripted partner.

Randori can be practiced at any level. In extremely light randori partners simply move around and fit in without throwing. A slightly more dynamic version has the partners trading throws one for one, where the partners are only being slightly defensive, (but are not “giving” each other throws).

At the most advanced level randori can resemble full blown Shia. Competitive practice at this level should only be practiced by more experienced Judoka with well developed ukemi (falling technique) and solid control of throwing technique.

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Sensei Pat

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