Law Enforcement


Law Enforcement Training inlcudes: 

  1. Ground Avoidance and Ground Evasion-arrest and control
  2. Spontaneous Knife defense
  3. Startle response training
  4. Blocking, striking, takedowns to arrest and control
  5. Tactical handcuffing techniques
    1. Approach to contact
    2. Control on touch
    3. Speed of application
  6. Blunt object survival
  7. Joint lock and nerve motor points
  8. Defense for multiple attackers
  9. Weapon disarms and retention
  10. Human factor

All training is by appointment only.  Call 603-666-5836 for pricing.   Equipment needed for the training will be as follows:

  • Mouth piece
  • Mix Martial Arts training gloves
  • Groin protection
  • Proper Mat shoes (no boots or sneakers)
  • Duty belt (baton and cuffs only)

No firearms, OC or tasers will be permitted into the training area.

Tuition for standard Checkmate Martial Arts enrollment is discounted to $80.00 a month for Law Enforcement

Tuition includes:

Unlimited access to adult Jujitsu, Judo and Sport classes

Please reserve a spot by emailing: or calling 603.666.5836

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