Group Fitness

Whether you are preparing to defend youself and your family or you are preparing for your next fight/match, being physically prepared is the first step towards victory! High intensity interval training is designed to be one of the fastest ways to burn fat, gain muscle and boost metabolism simultaneously. The key behind its efficiency is the varying of the exercises which causes muscle confusion and the high level of output during the intervals which continues to boost metabolism long after the workout period. During main work periods, the output is at near maximum while during lower work periods, the output should be at approx 50%. In a nutshell, this type of high intensity training will not produce the same results if you are not using high intensity.

Make sure to stay hydrated and modify as necessary for any injuries or physical limitations while still focusing on maximizing output. As with any physical fitness program, see your physician to make sure you are capable of performing this type of exercise.

Enjoy your results!!

Group Fitness M, W, TH 6 pm – 6:30 pm, Sat 8:30ish am

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