A brief candidate evaluation is required for all new students.  Please contact us to set up an appointment. 603-666-5836

  • Adult Defensive Tactics
    Core jujitsu based self defense, defensive tactics curriculum. Develops physical, psychological and emotional skills necessary to identify threats, respond effectively and defend yourself and loved ones when necessary.
  • Youth Martial Arts
    Complete physical education, mental and social skills development.
  • Muay Thai
    Full contact sport combat focusing on stand up striking, kicking and clinch techniques.
  • Adult Traditional Judo — “The Gentle Way”
    Japanese throwing and grappling martial art descended from jujitsu.
  • Group Fitness
    Our High Intensity Interval Training program in a supportive group setting.
  • Integrative Judo– Locks, strikes with emphasis on take-downs. Incorporate take-downs into your style to round out your skill set.
  • LEO Program — Law Enforcement Only
  • Private Instruction By Arrangement — Your location or ours.
  • Firearms Training — Pistol and carbine training with Senpai Steve Gilcreast at Sig Sauer Academy

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